Jan 1, 2011

time really does pass by fast

goodbye 2010, hello 2011 :D happy new year everyone, ahah i was initially suppose to post this at 12am today but for some reason it was working on my phone so i decided to do it now while its still new years day. anyways today i woke up pretty early to do some shopping, there was hardly anyone at urban planet but the sale was pretty good. i mostly got cardigans and since winter is slowly ending, spring is just around the corner. i really wanted to get a pair of ankle boots but its really hard to find my size, which is a size 6. mmm what else, oh yeah for the rest of the evening from 3-6ish, me, my sister and dad played poker. ahah it was pretty fun and we did that on new years eve as well. my dad won on both days, darn lol. well just one more day until school starts again and as usual i've been procrastinating since till the last day   T - T grrr!! lots of work to do tomorrow....

let this year be filled with new beginnings and happiness, happy new year ^^

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